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What is Flat & Loft?

A 100% free service, no strings attached. Trust us, it's worth it.

Flat & Loft is a completely free, premium apartment locating service in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. 

Our locating team will research, book tours, compare rent, and lock down the apartment that's perfect for you. We walk with you every step of the way.

Time with friends is better than time alone. F&L makes your apartment search way more efficient.

Our F&L team knows all the ins and outs of DFW apartments.

No matter your preferences, we'll work closely with you to make your search quick and easy so you can get back to your friends.

Your post-quarantine social life will thank us.

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How does apartment locating work?

1. Tell Us What You Like

Price, location, bedrooms, move-in date, etc.

2. We'll Do the Research

Tailored reports of the best options matching your prefs.

3. Pick Your Favs

Tell us your favorites and we'll get exact pricing and availability.

4. We'll Book the Tours

Tour apartments for yourself, with or without an F&L locator.

5. Repeat as Needed

Not the right match? We'll stay with you until you find the one.

6. Apply, Refer, Done!

Include your locator's name as a referral when you apply!

Our Clients Know Best

We love helping people discover the right match for them. Here's what a few of our favorites say about us:

Michael helped me find my previous apartment and did a great job. When my fiancé and I were looking for an apartment, I again used Michael and he found us our dream apartment in no time. Michael is diligent, straight-forward, and easy to work with. We highly recommend his services!
Chris & Caroline C.
Midtown, Dallas
Michael was such a huge help in finding our first apartment together. We were in the midst of planning a wedding and he helped make the moving process as easy and painless as possible! He knew the area well and was smart about what options would provide the best value for our needs. And he was willing to drop everything to meet us if we needed to take a tour – even in the same day! We LOVE our cozy and safe space!
Cole & Taylor M.
Northeast Dallas
Michael is amazing!  He helped my roommate and I find our current apartment and worked with our landlord to get us the best possible lease.  My fiancee and I plan to use him again as we search for our first home together. Highly recommend using Michael for your future apartment needs!
Lauren L.
Northeast Dallas
Michael stepped in and made the entire apartment search process so much easier to navigate. His experience in the industry provided insight into factors of the apartment search we hadn’t even thought of, but clearly made a difference in the quality of the apartment. Additionally, he was able to draw on his knowledge of the many apartments in Dallas, and helped us quickly weed out the ones that didn’t fit the bill – this saved us so much time and energy.
James J.
Knox / Henderson, Dallas
I had a great experience working with Michael Miller!  He is professional, knowledgeable and made finding my new home an extremely stress free process.
I highly recommend him and would request his services in the future.
Allie M.
Uptown, Dallas
Michael did a great job helping us find an apartment in Uptown Dallas. We had an idea of what we wanted, and he sent us a list of the best apartments in the area that had each of the traits we were looking for. On top of his apartment locating skills, he is as trustworthy as they come and will always take time out of his day to help you with anything you need. You'd be hard-pressed to find anyone that knows apartments in the DFW area better than Michael!
Daniel & Hailey S.
Michael was so helpful, diligent, and responsive throughout the entire apartment search process! I was moving from out-of-state and only had a two-day visit in Dallas to find my (very first!) apartment. Michael worked with me beforehand to narrow down possibilities in my budget and desired location, organize visits, and prepare me with questions to find the perfect place to call home. Thanks to Michael, I definitely felt supported before, during, and after the search!
Karly Z.
Central Dallas
My fiancée and I both had busy schedules with work, and wedding planning on top of that just ate up all of our time. Michael was able to organize our "must haves" and our budget and did the searching for us. It really helped that he knew the area so well to think of some other features we didn't even consider. He sent us a list of options that worked in our budget and walked us through the ones we liked. Great service all around!
Evan P.
Northeast Dallas
Michael was a huge help in our apartment hunt! He went above and beyond from locating to scheduling tours he was instrumental to our search in finding us the perfect apartment.
James K.
Knox / Henderson, Dallas
As my roommate and I looked for a new apartment in Dallas, we found that we were struggling to find a place in the right location, within our price range, and with availability for our move-in timeframe.

We leaned on Michael as he diligently...worked with apartments to find ones that met all of our needs. He ended up finding us a complex that was the perfect location, right within budget, and the ideal move-in date! He was extremely professional, patient throughout the entire process, and overall a joy to be around.
Megan W.
Uptown, Dallas
Working with Michael made the apartment search process easy and enjoyable. He communicates the options clearly and understands your wants and needs to make sure you get into the right apartment. His knowledge and expertise creates the comfort of knowing you are in great hands to find the perfect home!
Tanner & Jaclyn C.
Northeast Dallas
Finding an apartment through Flat and Loft exceeded my expectations. It is a daunting task to find a home in the DFW area with the selection of communities and areas to live in, but Michael made it easy! His knowledge of each community's interior finish, amenities, pricing, and community-feel saved me lots of time when he was able to accurately and unbiasedly narrow down the complexes that would be the best fit for me.
Zack C.
Knox / Henderson, Dallas
I was referred to Michael by a close friend. I was looking for a place and had a short window...Michael was friendly, courteous, and most importantly professional as he got me a list of options promptly within the parameters that I specified and I was able to move forward and secure my place.

This is my second month in my apartment and I'm grateful to Michael for his help. I would highly recommend him to aid you in your search. Kudos to Michael for also referring me to a good Internet provider as well!
Patrique M.
My roommate and I loved using Michael as our apartment locator. He helped us discover new apartments in a good area within our price range. He even followed up with us afterwards to help make connections for our utility setups. Definitely recommend him!
Julie J.
Lauren and I had a pretty specific set of apartment preferences when we set out to find our first home together. Michael and F&L came through for us. We toured everything that fit our prefs and Michael wouldn't let us leave any stone unturned. In the end, he guided us to the place that was just right. I would recommend Flat & Loft 100 times over!
Cole & Lauren C.
Northeast Dallas
Finding an apartment is a very stressful process, but Michael was able to take all that stress away. He sent me many viable options to check out, never going out of my budget. He took all of the stuff I wanted into consideration and found me the perfect apartment. He is an honest and helpful apartment hunter. The next time I need to look for an apartment, I will come back!
Jeremy P.
Michael helped me and my roommate find the perfect apartment! My roommate and I work on opposite sides of the metroplex so we struggled to find a central location. Michael found the perfect apartment within our budget. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone in need of finding a place to live!
Chris S.
Fort Worth
Michael helped me find a new place to live in a very efficient and effective manner. After speaking with Michael over the phone and sharing my preferences (location, price, apartment size, etc.), he immediately put together an easy to read document with apartments that matched my criteria. This document included all the important details which made it easy to compare properties. Also, he found very competitive pricing that matched my requests. Once I decided on a place, Michael handled the fine print details with the property management ensuring that I would have the best deal and an easy signing process.
Avery J.
Northeast Dallas
It was truly a pleasure to work with Michael. Even before he started to pull listings, he took the time to listen to what was most important to me, and used that as the foundation of his recommendations. As someone relocating to Dallas, I was nervous about squeezing all of the showings into a single trip, but Michael made all of the arrangements to make the experience seamless. When we met with the agents at the complexes, he worked with the staff to get me the best possible quotes and maximize the incentives. Overall, I really cannot recommend Michael enough, and am so thankful for the work he put in to help me find a new home!
Maggie I.
Bluffview, Dallas
Michael and his unique apartment locating services led us to the apartment of our dreams! Having an advocate like Michael, who coordinated numerous in-person apartment tours and corresponded with the complexes on our behalf, was incredibly valuable during our home search in a new city. He was easily accessible whenever a question or concern came up which made the process stress-free. Thank you, Michael!
Miles & Peyton K.
Central Dallas
I moved from a small city to Dallas and was intimidated with the task of finding a place to live in an unfamiliar area. Michael made apartment hunting easy and fun, and I am so pleased with my new home! He took the pressure of finding the perfect place off my shoulders by showing me options that actually fit my situation. I highly recommend Michael for anyone looking to relocate in the DFW area!
Shelby T.
Northeast Dallas
When it comes to finding you a quality complex in Dallas, nobody does it better than Michael. He was able to find me and my roommate an amazing apartment at an even better price. The best part? He was there to answer any questions we had at any time, all with a smile on his face. You'll find your dream location using Michael at Flat and Loft.
Sam M.
North Dallas

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